Interventions Lead to Behavioural Change

Interventions Lead to Behavioural Change

With its dedication and determination to work for the society, WSS is really helping the people from High Risk Groups, whether it is HIV related or the case of an IDU. It is making them confident of coping with the situation they have fallen into through a positive behavioural change and leading a happy life with what they have.

In case of Madhu, a 49 year old illiterate FSW from Madhaiyya Shivnarayan, WSS intervention made her inclined towards safe sex and use condoms. Earlier she was much irresponsible towards her health and was a habitual drinker. Today, with support from WSS she is fully aware of the situation and talks on HIV openly. She even takes part in all the programmes of the organisation and has left drinking. She prefers limited customers and asks them to use condoms. She says that she would leave this job if she gets other kind of work. She has got a religious bent and become socialised.

Similar is the case of Sheela, a 30 year old FSW from Bijauli, Madhaiyya Shivnarayan. She has a husband and children but they do not know about her profession. She came to this profession after her husband acquired a loss in the business and they were in deep trouble. She started making the living with help from her friend. She was also irresponsible towards her health, but after getting connected to WSS, and through counselling with BCC, she started using condoms and is now an aware woman on sexual diseases.

Vinay Tiwari’s case is somewhat different. He is a 24 year old unmarried man from Shanti Colony, Etawah living with his parents, two younger brothers and a sister and working as a flower seller along with his father. He started taking drugs in bad company of his friends and is presently and IDU and HIV positive person. He started smoking at an age of 14 years. He started taking drugs through injections for enjoyment in a new manner and became an IDU. He used to take injections in group due to lack of awareness about HIV. All his friends and relatives started neglecting him because of the situation he has put himself into. WSS helped him in getting ART treatment, made him start the use of disposable syringes. Presently he is living with HIV, but he is not disappointed as he is living a normal life and is happy and is confident person, thanks to the intervention from WSS.

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