Artisans’ Support

Kannauj district has large number of artisans engaged in zari and zardoji (form of embroidery) work. Once these artisans had comfortable lifestyle, but with the passage of time, their condition has worsened. As a result several artisans started migrating to other parts of the country, where they worked as manual labourers, to eke their livelihood.

WSS carried out a survey with a sample size of 1,300 artisans to understand their condition in a better way and decide about the interventions.

For strengthening economic condition of artisans, they are being organised through self help groups. Finance is being arranged through banks to enable them take up income generation activities. Training is being imparted to the artisans to improve their skills so they can do better and fine work. Linkages are being established with the traders and companies so as to arrange continuous work for the artisans.

As a result of WSS’s interventions, migration is gradually stopping and happiness returning to the artisan families. They have also decreased the number of HIV/AIDS cases and quarrels in the families.