National Tobacco Control Programme

With support of HelpAge India, Warsi Sewa Sadan organized National Tobacco Control Programme. In it, people took oath not to consume tobacco in their whole life. After the training created awareness amongst their family members, peer groups, relatives, and the communities on the harms of consuming tobacco.

Tobacco consumption is deeply ingrained as a cultural practice and there are various types of tobacco products. We reviewed multiple determinants of tobacco consumption including socio-economic status, marriage, population growth, marketing strategies, and price. We also considered tobacco a burden, including its economic and social costs and adverse health impact especially those resulting from oral cancer. We then addressed the history of tobacco control legislation in India and the challenges in its implementation.

Tobacco consumption in India is increasing despite tobacco control policy. More visible and aggressive anti-tobacco campaigns are needed to increase public awareness on harms of tobacco and active engagement of worksites and health professionals should be done to promote tobacco cessation.