HIV Positive Woman on Awareness Mission

HIV Positive Woman on Awareness Mission

This is the story of Rekha Kumari, HIV positive woman, who faced many tragedies in her life. She belongs to a poor family from Busrare block of Etawah district. She could not get education after 8th class and got married at an age of 17 years to a truck driver double her age.

After few days she came to know that her husband is suffering from TB and would be dying within few months or so. This information was not disclosed by her in-laws before the marriage. They also did not cooperate with her because of the prolonged illness he was suffering from. Rekha opened a small provision store in her house for the income of her family and for saving the life of her husband.

One day when Rekha asked her husband to go to a specialist for check up, he disclosed of him being a HIV positive person. As she was unaware of the disease, she consulted her sister who told her about it and advised her to get her examined for the same. She also was found to be HIV positive. Meanwhile her husband died. When her in-laws came to know that she is also HIV positive, they behaved in a rude manner. But she did not give up.

During her treatment in the hospital, she met a SHG member who told her to contact to meet DM in his office. She met him got a financial help of Rs 5000 from the government.
She came in contact with WSS. The project manager of the organisation met her and listened to the whole story. She was told about the disease in detail which gave her the confidence.

Meanwhile, during a visit of an UPSACS official and WSS worker in Etawah, she told them her situation and complete story in detail. She was supported by the organisation and was offered a job as peer educator in the Target Intervention Project. At the time of writing this case study she is working as peer educator and making others aware of the risks posed by HIV/AIDS.

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